hello and welcome to the 74th annual hunger games rachel (lightwhood)’s first ever solo tumblr awards!

  • mbf yours truly;
  • reblog this post, likes can be used to bookmark but will not be counted as entries; 
  • must reach 70 notes or this never happened; 
  • ends august 26th (6th month blog anniversary c:), winners posted shortly after; 
  • a runner up will be added for every 100 additional notes this gets;
  • liesel meminger award: best url;
  • johanna mason award: best icon;
  • luna lovegood award: best theme;
  • rudy steiner award: best edits; 
  • izzy lightwood award: best thememaker;
  • stiles stilinski award: best posts;
  • clary fray award: best tmi/tid/tda;
  • lydia martin award: best teen wolf; 
  • hermione granger award: best harry potter; 
  • finnick odair award: best hunger games; 
  • amy pond award: best doctor who; 
  • augustus waters award: best multifandom; 
  • allison argent award: best overall; 
  • jem carstairs award: nicest blogger;
  • will herondale award: my favorite;
  • simon lewis award: best underappreciated*;

*if you have under 500 followers, add a * to this post when you reblog it to be eligible for the simon lewis award

more categories may be added depending on the applicants. 

dem prizes: 
  • a follow back if not already; 
  • spot on my updates tab until september 30th; 
  • spot in my victor’s village for eternity; 
  • winners get unlimited promos whenever they want, runner ups get 5;
  • eternal glory; 
  • my love and friendship;
  • help with anything (just ask); 

good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


do you ever look at your url and go “hell yeah”


wake up, stiles

a birthday gift for the wonderful andi

"I believed from the first reading of the script that this film would be a classic. I wanted the clothes to be fresh and modern, but not especially wedded to 2008, when it was filmed. It was important that the audience believe what she is wearing are pieces she can afford. Summer is inventive, the kind of woman who reuses clothes that are out of date, and scours thrift stores and urban craft markets and ethnic stores that are unique to downtown Los Angeles.She has the confidence to be herself, to know what she likes and to wear only that, which is never fussy or overly accessorized. Her Midwestern roots are reflected in her clothing’s lack of pretension—not overly sexualized or on the make. She wears the kind of shoes a young woman without a car and relying on public transportation would wear”. - Hope Hanafin, costume designer.

Jennifer Lawrence for Glamour Magazine (2012)



Paris Night&Day by A labgraph


“And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.”

while you live, the revolution lives.

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